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We offer Holistic Medicine services to the Edmonton area communities in person and online. We specialize in two of the most effective alternative medicine methods: Balance Method Acupuncture and Recall Healing, and they are combined as needed with Herbal therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments. 



Elad Shalev, Doctor of Acupuncture (Dr. Ac), is a registered Acupuncturist in Alberta. He is also a Recall Healing practitioner and founder of Rebalance Acupuncture Clinic in Edmonton.

Elad Shalev has practiced and taught alternative medicine in various approaches and techniques over the past 25 years. 

In the Rebalance Clinic, He focuses on two main methods: Balance Method Acupuncture and Recall Healing. These methods provide the fastest and most effective treatment results while addressing and healing the root cause of an illness or issue. 

Elad Shalev is the resident Doctor of Acupuncture at the West Edmonton Naturopathic Wellness Centre. He offers consultations in Recall Healing in person at the clinic and online worldwide.


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There are many styles of acupuncture, and they all provide healing to the body and mind with no side effects. In Balance Method Acupuncture, you will find all the advantages of standard acupuncture but with faster results. Balance Method also focuses on an overall balancing of the body-mind and uses geometric principles in rebalancing the body.

At the beginning of your first appointment, we will perform a Chinese Medicine diagnosis, including pulse and tongue diagnosis and other assessments. Balance Method Acupuncture treats the condition’s root cause and symptoms.

Balance method acupuncture produces fast results because it uses unique and distal acupuncture points (treating points outside the area of concern). This allows for quicker and more precise results than needling the affected area. For ample, we might use acupuncture points on the foot treat back pain.



Recall Healing consultation effectively changes a person’s body, mind, and life. The Consultation occurs through a conversation between the client and the Recall Healing specialist.   

The Recall Healing specialist helps people “recall” and bring awareness to the subconscious emotional traumas, events and beleifs, behind their condition or behavior.

An essential part of the healing process is when a person comprehends why they are ill. Bringing awareness to emotional trauma or subconscious patterns has profound and fast results in transforming many chronic conditions.

Recall Healind consultations are done online world wide via video calls or in the Edmonton clinic.

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