Acupuncture Edmonton

“Deep healing approach that generates desired results”

Acupuncture Edmonton

A deep healing approach that generates desired results

Highly effective holistic medicine


Chinese Herbal Therapy
Recall Healing
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Successful Approaches to Healing

How Best to Approach Holistic Medicine?

Relief & Relax Approach

Reason: If you are in major discomfort and want quick results.
Experience: Significant alleviation of acute pain, inflammation and stress.
Features: Frequent visits, result-oriented, safely reducing medication.
Methods: Balance Method Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Electro-Acupuncture.
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Root Cause Approach

Reason: If you want a deeper, multi-level healing.
Experience: Deep transformative healing, identify & treat the root cause.
Features: Less frequent visits, transformation & evolution oriented.
Methods: Recall Healing, Balance Method Acupuncture, TCM Herbs.
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Keep the Balance Approach

Reason: Balancing treatments and Preventative Medicine.
Experience: Well being, Maintenance, fine rebalancing of the body-mind.
Features: infrequent visits, support oriented, anti-aging.
Methods: A combination, as needed.
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