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About Acupuncture


There are two primary sensations when doing acupuncture. One in the insertion of the needle that is in most cases not even noticed (depending on the body area). For instance, the tip of the finger is more sensitive than the elbow. 

The other sensation is called, in Chinese, De Qi. The feeling of energy that is felt as a subtle, deep inner sensation, maybe heat, flow, and are in most cases are delightful, similar to the sense in deep meditation. We aim to achieve De Qi – in fact, the more you feel it, the more the treatment will give you positive results. In most cases, you will and almost fall asleep – which is fine. 

There is a saying that acupuncture needles work as fast as the sun makes a shadow from a stick you have just put in the ground. In most cases, a 30% improvement after putting the needles. (Especially with Balance Method Acupuncture). The progress doesn’t need to last forever- but at least it shows that it can be treated.

If you haven’t seen any change after 5 to 7 treatments, something is wrong. Either the condition cannot be treated with acupuncture (very rare), or the acupuncturist is targeting the correct points, and you should consider finding another acupuncturist.

It depends on your condition. For example, an acute back pain that started a week ago for a healthy person can be treated in 1 to 4 treatments. Compare to a herniated disc with severe sciatic pain may require two treatments a week and between 10 to 15 treatments overall, as well as some additional maintenance treatment over a few months.
After the first treatment and diagnosis, the acupuncturist will assess how many treatments you will need.

Usually, it is better to start with twice a week – to see quick results,  and then reduce to once a week, when the condition is almost healed. In addressing chronic cases, after initial treatments, it is advised to come once a month for maintenance and prevention.

Any time between 30 min to an hour is good. Usually, 40 min is average in my clinic. If there is a free room and the patient is loving acupuncture, some can stay up to an hour.

Chinese Medicine herbs are prescribed after diagnosis and are specifically prescribed to you. They will be good in chronic complex cases. With herbs, you are basically getting a treatment every day.

If you have needle anxiety and are looking just for a “balancing treatment,” maybe you should go to a massage or Shiatsu. If you actually need to treat a condition, you can try acupuncture. In most cases, needle anxiety can be overcome because acupuncture needles are fine and do not create pain like needles of a blood test or other injection, and acupuncture is very relaxing.

All acupuncture needles are single-use and sterilized. They are used only once and then properly disposed of. There are almost no side effects or damage from acupuncture. In some cases, minor bruising can appear where the needles were located.

Between one needle and thirty needles. The average is ten. Where there is acute pain, we may use more – to create a stronger Qi movement. More needles aren’t necessarily better, it’s about cresting a harmonious flow of energy and too many needles can impede that.

$135 CAD for the initial consultation and treatment of acupuncture – including a Chinese medicine diagnosis.
$ 95 CAD for any follow-up treatment.
We also have treatment packages available (see pricing on the homepage).
Most insurance plans will cover between $200 and $500 CAD for Acupuncture, which can be used across multiple treatments.

There are many acupuncture studies available that show positive and beneficial results in many test groups being treated with acupuncture, across a range of different illnesses and conditions. Many academic articles are available online. Of course, there is still a lot of room in the field for more research. Many Western medical hospitals and health care services offer acupuncture as a service for pain management, cancer care, fertility, and more.

From the U.S national institute of health Acupuncture in-depth:

“Results from a number of studies suggest that acupuncture may help ease types of pain that are often chronic such as low-back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis/knee pain. It also may help reduce the frequency of tension headaches and prevent migraine headaches. Therefore, acupuncture appears to be a reasonable option for people with chronic pain to consider. “

  • Fast results
  • You get “proof ” that acupuncture works for you.
  • Distal acupuncture
  • No need to get undressed
  • balancing the whole body-mind
  • Very efficient with reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Treating the root cause and the symptoms.

About Recall Healing

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Recall Healing is done through an exact conversation process that helps bring the unconscious reasons of the physical, mental or emotional condition to the conscious brain. Awareness of the subconscious allows healing to the inner conflict. When the conflict heals, the body doesn’t need to store it in the body.

Yes, it is safe. Recall Healing isn’t substituting or changing any medical procedures. It brings understanding to the emotional causes of why we are sick, heals them and allows the body to use its own resources to recover. 

The name may be confusing, but there is no energy healing in Recall healing. The Healing Happens from recalling events in your past or your ancestor’s past.

Saying that- when the “healing happens,” there are a lot of energetic changes happening.

It is always better to meet face to face if possible, but the treatment results are similar. For some people, the technical aspects of using technology may be discouraging, but it’s okay for most people.

There are advantages to the online session of not needing to travel, saving time, and reaching the best therapist for you.

Yes, you can. Even if you feel better, please don’t take any medication changes without your physician’s advice. 

Many people say that one Recall Healing session is equivalent to a year of therapy. The Recall Healing sessions are result-oriented to look into specific issues in our lives, to pinpoint the biological conflicts in our subconscious and to direct us with laser sharp accuracy and speed, to the right place. Unlike with most therapies, the Recall Healing practitioner is active in the process, helping to uncover the real, underlying cause behind a condition. People can spend years in therapy and never get to the root cause of their condition, be it physical, emotional or relationship based. Recall Healing is truly transformational on many levels.

The rule of thumb for a condition is 3 to 5 sessions. Sometimes a 10 minute talk is helpful, but to fully understand various aspects of the conflict and its implication on our life, takes more time. Recall Healing is also useful for prevention and many patients choose to have a bi-montly follow up session and to discuss other issues or patterns.

Yes, better to do some Recall Healing sessions and release the blockages in the subconscious. After that, most therapies will work better. I highly recommend acupuncture, herbal medicine, Theta healing and other modalities.

Yes, the subconscious controls our behaviour in our relationship, in our work, health and every other aspect of our life. So if sometimes it feels that you don’t see the results you should see in your life, it’s likely related to an underlying belief in the subconscious.

This is a common complain amongst patients that find their way to Recall Healing. We can never “promise” healing, even not to simple conditions. When you understand the origin of your illness, you understand that there are reasons that you are sick. When you untangle these reasons, and the brain doesn’t need to hold the disease, healing can come about. Not everything can be totally healed. After you have neutralized what feeds your conditions, your body will usually recover better, or other modalities, including medication, can give you better results.


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