Highly Effective Holistic Medicine

The best approach to healing combines quickly alleviating symptoms such as pain and inflammation while treating the condition’s root cause.

The first step is the diagnosis, which provides information on the most intelligent way to heal the symptoms while identifying the physical, energetic, subconscious, and lifestyle-related root causes.

The Rebalance Acupuncture Edmonton clinic

is one of the few clinics specializing in two of the most effective alternative medicine methods: Balance Method Acupuncture and Recall Healing.

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Balance Method Acupuncture

Balance method acupuncture is a fast and effective acupuncture style that produces better and quicker results than standard acupuncture.  

Most patients will see improvement within the initial treatments.

Balance method acupuncture uses ancient knowledge and modern applications to heal the affected meridians using healthy ones. It introduces hundreds of additional acupuncture points, direct diagnosis, and unique needling techniques.

We offer direct billing with most insurance providers.

Recall Healing

This unique method involves an unusual conversation about critical events and traumas. It brings awareness to the underlying subconscious emotions behind conditions and behaviors. 

It has shown profound results in bringing awareness and healing the subconscious root cause of diseases, traumas, and life-transforming realizations.

Recall Healing consultations are done online and in the clinic. It helps clarify the root cause of conditions, the connections between traumas and patterns, and understanding relationships, issues, and behaviors.

Herbal Therapy

Chinese medicine herbal therapy uses ancient herbs and mineral formulas to treat the root causes of many conditions from a Chinese medicine perspective. The herbal treatment is prescribed personally after a diagnosis and has no side effects.

It has a synergetic effect on acupuncture since it derives from the same diagnosis.

We also provide modern, natural, high-quality supplements and vitamins at the clinic.

Diagnosis Explained

Diagnosis is a crucial part of the treatment. In Western medicine, the diagnosis is usually limited to identifying the condition. 

In holistic medicine, we aim to diagnose why the person has this condition. Each person and disease requires a different approach to diagnosis and treatment. For example, a healthy person with back pain from one or two tight muscles will benefit the most from Balance method acupuncture and one or two stretching exercises. The diagnosis will focus on which muscles are causing the back pain and maybe what activity or lack of movement caused it.

For another patient with a sore back, hips, shoulders, IBS, and anxiety, the diagnosis will start with the affected muscles like in the first case but then focus on which organs and meridians are imbalanced according to Chinese Medicine. The acupuncture will address the symptoms and the root cause while prescribing herbs and nutrition. If the person is open to it, we will conduct a Recall Healing diagnosis to determine which subconscious beliefs or trauma is related to this chronic condition.

The Chinese medicine diagnosis overviews the symptoms, body exam, and pulse and tongue diagnosis. The Recall Healing diagnosis examines different events and traumas in the person’s life or family tree.

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Other Services

We use additional treatment methods at the Rebalance Clinic, such as electro-acupuncture, cupping, taping, and magnetic therapy.

Some recommendations, such as nutrition advice, specific exercises, and lifestyle changes, will be given as needed. Sometimes, the patient gets a “wake-up call” and wants to create a shift in their life.  We support them by combining Recall Healing and “life coaching” to heal patterns, habits, relationships, career, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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Conditions we treat

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Pricing & direct billing

Initial Acupuncture

Includes an introduction, TCM diagnosis, a treatment plan, and the acupuncture treatment. This is a 60-minute appointment, and you will have time to bring up all your concerns and questions to Dr. Ac. Elad Shalev.   We offer direct billing with most insurance providers.

Recall Healing Consultation

Occurs online, worldwide, or in person at the Edmonton clinic. Please complete the extensive questionnaire 24 hours before the consultation. Remember that Recall healing doesn’t replace any medical treatment including chemotherapy. The consultation is 90 minutes.

Follow-up Acupuncture

A short assessment followed by a 45-minute acupuncture treatment. We offer direct billing with most insurance providers.

Five Recall Healing

Five Recall Healing consutations, in the clinic or online.
Save 150 CAD!

Acupuncture packages

The Five follow-up package is excellent for simple cases or for giving acupuncture a try.  
Save 70 CAD!

The Ten follow-up package is excellent for chronic cases and saving money.
Save 200 CAD!

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Testimonials & Google Reviews

Tammy Gabay
Tammy GabayContent Manager
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This work is magical and for me it was a major breakthrough. It actually opens the subconscious, the patterning from past generations, in a very gentle and deep way. I had experienced liberation, understanding and opening in my everyday life toward myself and others. Elad Shalev has skills, talent, compassion and knowledge at rare depths that supported me in my process. The combination of Recall Healing with the acupuncture guided this depth of healing to land in the body, to the here and now.
Liat Godel
Liat GodelLandscape Architectural Technologist
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I arrived to Elad Shalev for treatment in Recall Healing. Each treatment led me to a deeper healing and understanding. Elad has healing abilities and a deep seeing. He has clarity of identifying the source of the difficulty and taking the person through his own honesty to a place where the difficulty arises from. This leads to an immediate healing while providing tools for independent inner development. I highly recommend the treatments with Elad Shalev. This was a great gift for me.
Alice Wilmes
Alice WilmesBusiness Women
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I had a few sessions with Elad Shalev and was surprised from the accuracy in which he could find and sense the underlying belief structure that is running my subconsciousness. He could guide me in a very practical way to move through these patterned ways of feeling and thinking and opened up a new way for me to see and move in the world.
Amos Ziv
Amos ZivBook Keeping
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I received cancer care treatments from Elad Shalev in acupuncture and Recall Healing. I found his manner, approach and knowledge to be of exceptional quality and will highly recommend him for those who are seeking support in healing from Cancer. Thank you.
Lars E.
Lars E.Management Consultant
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Elad is a dedicated, warm and knowledgeable therapist. Elad manages to expand on many years of practice and training to meet the client in their specific situation. I continuously recommend Elad's treatments to my network and friends.
Adi Bartal
Adi BartalInsurance
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I wish to highly recommend Elad Shalev whom I was working with for recall healing. Elad helped my 5 year old son to overcome many fears that he was struggling with in only a few treatments. He is extremely patient, very professional and sharp! He knows to find the cause of the issue you need to resolve in only a few treatments.
Uri Offer
Uri OfferFinancial advisor
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Hi, I would like to recommend Elad Shalev who helped me to cure my cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer which was very violent! With Recall healing, Elad was able to very quickly find the emotional cause for my disease, helping me see that cause and resolve the conflict I was dealing with. Today I’m healed! Elad is very professional, focused in finding the cause of the disease and resolving the conflict in only a few sessions! This treatment was unbelievably helpful in my healing!!
Sharon Yona
Sharon YonaTeam lead Banking
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Elad Shalev has helped me as a therapist for over a decade. From my personal experience with Elad I can say that he is a very professional therapist, very reliable and always ready to help. I'm a mother of 4 and I never went into labor without treatment from Elad. He helped me so many times in so many ways with Recall healing and acupuncture that all I can say now is, Thank you!!
Batya Chivers
Batya ChiversMaster of Social Work
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Mr. Shalev treats emotional issues by deepening into patterns beyond the self, opening another level of presence. He is very unique, has an amazing insight and knowledge. I highly recommend him.
Ana Blanco
Ana BlancoChild care giver
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Elad Shalev helped me when he treated me with Recall Healing in a time of a crossroad in my life. I noticed Elad has a very good way of listening and a depth of seeing and knowledge that allowed him to pinpoint the reasons to my subconscious behavior that was actually moving me away from my target. With Elad’s help I was able to see and realize what was affecting me on a mental and emotional level and change my ways so I could actually move forward. Thank you Elad.
Dr. Alon Sisso
Dr. Alon SissoD.M.V
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I arrived to Elad Shalev's clinic following back pains that prevented me from sitting or standing upright for several days. After the first Acupuncture treatment I felt a significant relief in my pain and my range of motion increased. As a marathon and triathlon athlete, I have used Elad's services quite a number of times and I definitely recommend the treatment. Beyond that, Elad himself is a person who provides comfort and peace, which is very important to me because I have a reluctance to use needles.

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