Online Recall Healing Consultation

Recall Healing is a very effective consultation method. There are only a few Recall Healing practitioners in Canada currently, so chances are you don’t live nearby to one. If you are wanting a Recall Healing consultation and you can’t make it to the Rebalance clinic, you can have online consultation with Elad Shalev. The sessions are conducted through video call: either Skype, Hangouts or Zoom.

Benefits of Online Recall Healing Consultation:

  • A private consultation to heal the emotional and mental, subconscious causes of your disease, pattern or issue.
  • Understanding of why you have a specific condition and why it appeared in that time in your life. 
  • Touching the deep places in your psyche that created the imbalance will bring a deep  and harmonious change to your life. 
  • You can choose to treat any behaviors, emotions, relationship or professional problem. 
  • Healing the pattern will assist in preventing this illness or conflict from moving down the family tree to your children.
  • You can of course treat you children’s conditions directly, especially under 16 y/o.
  • In an online session you don’t need to leave the house and deal with logistics – like traffic 🙂
  • Elad Shalev will advise you if any other treatment is recommended and can provide referrals.
  • You can record your session, and listen to it again later.
To read more about Recall Healing, click here.


Before you start you will need to email us to book your session and then get a Recall Healing questionnaire link sent to you. You will need to submit the questionnaire 24 hours before the session. Please make sure you have enough time to fill it out, it may take you a few hours, and you may need to contact family members. You might need to complete it over the course of a couple of days. The more details filled out – the more likely you will be able to unlock the deep cause of diseases and patterns from your subconscious.

Please note that Recall Healing consultations are done through a facilitated conversation and require your full cooperation, willingness and participation. You are an essential part of your healing process!

Disclaimer: in Recall Healing we do not encourage you to stop or replace any medical protocol, treatment or advice given by your physician. All of our suggestions are recommended in addition to the conventional medicine, and not instead of it.


How to prepare for the consultation ?

  • First book your appointment: Online booking here or send us an Email to : [email protected]
  • You will need to create you profile in our clinic system so your questionnaire can stay secure and private.
  • Please note the time zone differences when you book – our time is Mountain time UTC -7 or UTC -6 in summer day light saving.
  • Fill out the online questionnaire that will be sent automatically to you.
  • Submit the questionnaire 24 hours before the consultation.
  • Before the session, please restart you computer  and make sure there are no other users sharing your Wifi.
  • Please use a computer, laptop or tablet and not a cellular phone if possible. 
  • Most video calls will allow you to record the consultation but you can also record it with a recording device if you don’t use headphones.
  • Have a notebook with you incase you would like to make notes throughout the session.
  •  You will be sent a link prior to the meeting to Zoom. If you don’t have a Zoom account allow yourself  10 min prior to the session for a fast and simple registration.
  • If you prefer to use Skype or Hangouts applications, please let us know.
  • If you do not use video call very often it will be wise to check that they do work on your computer. 
  • Again – It is very important to restart your computer before the consultation, it prevents most of the common problems.
  • If any problem occurs – please write to [email protected]

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