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Addressing the emotional root cause of conditions, belief systems, behaviors, and relationships without understanding the subconscious is like traveling in an unknown land without a map. While your conscious mind uses five percent of your brain’s activity, the majority of the processes in the brain are controlled by your subconscious.

Recall Healing consultations are done through an online video conversation with Elad Shalev, Dr. Ac. Addressing the subconscious allows you to understand yourself better and have a comprehensive perspective of physical and mental conditions.

The consultations are for people willing to take responsibility for their health, who wish to empower themselves by bringing more awareness to their lives, and who want to participate actively in their healing.

The process of reaching the root beliefs is much faster than the standard psychotherapy, and on average, it takes 3-5 sessions to cover the root causes of a chronic physical or emotional condition. Still, even one session can be dramatically helpful, especially to people who have already done some “digging.”

Recall healing consultation can help with the following:

– Reaching the emotional root cause of a physical condition.

– Healing the root causes of mental and emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.

– Clearing beliefs, patterns, and filters from the subconscious brain.

– Healing relationships in couples, family, or office by working on your subconscious beliefs.

– Gaining clarity regarding your life.

– Manifesting a new reality by changing your belief system.

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Recall Healing consultation

What you need to know before the consultation:

– you will need to fill out a questionnaire sent to you by email on a secure server.

– Please mention your physical location to adjust to the time zones.

– Make sure you have a computer with a working camera and microphone; cell phones are not recommended.

– You would be able to record and save your consultation.



– The price for an online 90-minute consultation is 200 Canadian dollars.

– A package of 5 consultations is 900 CAD.

– Payment is through credit card or PayPal; you can use E-transfer in Canada.



Elad Shalev is a registered acupuncture Doctor from Alberta, Canada. He has been practicing and teaching various holistic medicine modalities since 1999, graduated from Chinese medicine in 2004, and has been a Recall Healing therapist since 2013.

Elad Shalev has been facilitating the Recall Healing Workshops with Gilbert Renaud in Israel for many years and now has a clinic in Edmonton, Canada.

Recall Healing consultations are offered online worldwide or at the clinic.

Recall healing onlinr consultation with Elad Shalev

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