Recall Healing Consultation

Recall Healing in Edmonton
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When you realize that diseases are not mistakes made by the body and brain, you can transform your life. Approaching diseases with the understanding that they are your brain’s solution to a biological conflict in you, allows healing to go deep in the subconscious brain. This conflict might have been experienced early in a person’s life or downloaded from his ancestors, repeating unconsciously in his life’s events. Recall Healing Consultation aims to identify and explore these subconscious conflicts.

This unusual knowledge allows you to understand:

  • Why are you sick?
  • Why were you sick at a specific time?
  • How to let go of the subconscious emotional causes of your diseases, patterns, or behaviors
  • How to change the way you think, feel, and make decisions
  • How to transform your health, relationships, motivation, spirituality, and well-being.

This is not your “usual” therapy that might take many months to get a result. Recall Healing Consultation goes deep and fast to the core of our disease or illness and allows us to heal the emotional causes of many conditions – physical, mental, and emotional.

Allow yourself to have a reach to the other 95% of your unconscious brain
which carries all the knowledge and power we need so much!

Please take the time to read this article on Recall Healing Consultation, it may lead you to some answers you are seeking.


What is Recall Healing?

Recall Healing is a very unique method that brings a different perspective and awareness to illness. What does it mean to heal an illness from the root cause? Recall healing helps people to become aware of the emotional conflict or belief behind conditions and behaviors that are present in their subconscious. This allows a healing process to begin. Diseases that manifest are considered an automatic, biological solution of the brain to an inner conflict that we were unable to resolve.

The brain creates disease or a pattern of behavior because of an automatic, evolutionary mechanism. This mechanism adjusts itself to reality in order to support survival. A simple example: A child has trouble with calculation in school. We look into his past and see that his mother miscalculated her ovulation date and as a result, he was conceived. Implanted in his subconscious brain is the belief that ‘miscalculation gives me life.’ Without awareness coming to this subconscious conflict, the automatic brain will maintain this behavior to ‘maximize’ the survival of the child. He will most likely continue to have this difficulty unless it is addressed.

Recall Healing framework

A framework is utilized in Recall Healing in which the specialist helps a person to “recall” the subconscious trauma behind their condition. This is often linked to a subtle belief that was created in the subconscious in response to an event sometime in the past. Revealing this allows a person to see why a certain illness or behavior was a solution for their automatic brain. It is usually related to an ancestor, an event in the ancestor’s life, a trauma in the person’s childhood,  or a life cycle. When a person comprehends why they are ill, this is already a big part of the healing process. Recall Healing maintains that understanding the reasons behind a disease will relinquish the brain’s holding onto to the conflict. This consequently allows healing.

The recall healing specialist uses their skills and expertise to facilitate and guide the client through the process. The active participation of the client is essential as ultimately the individual holds the answers inside them. The following article explains in detail the Recall Healing Methodology and provides examples of its application.


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Why are we sick according to Recall Healing?

Our brain becomes survival-oriented when we experience intense stress, grieve a death, have a car accident, or just go through a “rough patch.” To the survival brain (the automatic brain), our function has been compromised. We are less attentive to details and it will be difficult for us to find food or to defend ourselves against predators. To avoid that, there is a mechanism that retrieves our functionality. Suddenly, our post-traumatic stress is all gone and we are back on our feet in no time. This is the work of the automatic brain which holds onto the experience and stores it in our body.

Every physical organ and tissue is meant to store the experience of a specific frequency. For example, the liver will store the experience of hunger. The female breast is related to the connection to children. The skin is about interacting with our environment, and so on. This applies to anyone in this world and even for animals.

“The Pyramid of Health”,  The Recall Healing book cover – written By Gilbert Renaud

This mechanism is demonstrated in the Pyramid Model above.

The Recall Healing modality considers a human being as a “triad”: psyche, automatic brain, and body. Part of the brain is assigned for thoughts, emotions, learning, and development. The same part is also assigned for decision making, beliefs, thought patterns, etc. This is known as the psyche. If this part is in a state of energetic overflow, the body will initiate “grounding”. Just like an electric appliance – to prevent overload and damage to the system. The automatic brain, preoccupied with survival, suppresses that overload into the body. The overload stays in the body and can sometimes re-emerge as a disease or illness. Later on in this article, we will gain more understanding as to how it happens.

Where can we find the root cause of a disease with Recall Healing?

When working with a client, it is important to understand what conflict or beliefs are responsible for creating the disease or dysfunctional behavior. Also, to know when and why this conflict was suppressed to the body and the subconscious during the patient’s life.

In Recall Healing, we examine three significant stages using the following framework:

The person’s life

(especially the year that preceded the illness) and certain life cycles. Usually, the life of every person is characterized by a mathematical cyclicality that is linked to an illness or event.

“The Project purpose”

During the period starting 9 months before the conception, lasting the duration of the pregnancy and ending a year after birth; the baby’s brain is downloaded with “programs” that will accompany it for the rest of its life. Everything that happens to the baby or its parents, in particular the mother, will affect the baby’s behavioral, mental, and disease-causing patterns for the rest of his or her life.


The sum of all meaning experiences in family history. Normally we would inspect the last three generations and collect as much information as possible. The idea behind it is that descendants might be able to solve problems that their lineage has not been able to overcome. This is the ability to adjust to difficult situations or conditions that might jeopardize our survival – evolution on the level of the family.

These factors live in our subconscious, which means that most of them are hidden from us.  Just like the greater part an iceberg which is submerged underwater, revealing only its tip.

“The Iceberg Model” – the subconscious

How do we address a disease using Recall Healing?

According to Recall Healing, an illness is predominantly a creation of the mind, instigated in most cases by a past event. The identification of certain factors in a person’s past can free them from ‘needing’ that illness. As a patient sees that a belief that they have in their subconscious is not the conflict that their brain is holding onto is released. This is often because the belief belonged to one of their ancestors.

Sometimes it is enough to just reintroduce a memory to the conscious mind to clear it from the subconscious. In other instances, the person has to go through a process of letting go. Normally, when someone is not emotionally invested in a story, the brain will let it go quickly.

Two examples that can demonstrate the different types of letting go:

In one case study: a woman became ill with arthritis when she reached the same age that her grandmother. The was named after her grandmother who had died in the Holocaust. In her subconscious was a trauma belonging to a family member. Connecting the two events was enough to bring about immediate healing in just one session.

Second case study: treating a woman with fibromyalgia. We found disease-related links that went back all the way to the womb and early childhood. Her conflict was related to the relationship between her parents which was reflected in her current relationship with her husband. To release her illness, she had to go through a process of letting go and forgiveness. This was concerning her father, mother, and spouse, which required a few sessions.

The process of Recall Healing requires some investigation into the patient’s various aspects of life. The facilitator will usually have the patient complete a pre-session questionnaire. Sometimes they may ask the patient to confirm certain details with his family members, such as dates of important events.

Child Therapy using Recall Healing

It often seems that children come into this world “all clean”. And while it is true to some extent, children are greatly affected by their genetic lineage. Also by the timing of their “project purpose.” This is nine months before conception, as well as the pregnancy itself and the first year of their lives.

The first thirty months of our lives are very significant. The brain takes everything that happens during this period and recreates it. Believing it helps us survive and therefore it is good. Children have a natural tendency to take responsibility for their parents’ hardships. They tell themselves “I need my parents to survive so that they can protect me.” They think if they can take it upon themselves to fix their problems. We all know how children blame themselves for their parents’ divorce, for instance. When we treat children with Recall Healing, we do not even have to see them in person. Rather, the process is done through their mother or father. We find the conflicts that created the child’s problems and the events that initiated those conflicts.

Later on, the problem can sometimes be released just by the mother acknowledging it or through a very particular process. The mother approaches the child at night as he sleeps, and simply tells the child what happened to her or the child during the “project purpose”. This was the information is absorbed by the child’s brain subconsciously. This releases the child of the need to hold on to that event, and the healing in such cases is sometimes immediate.

Common children’s conflicts

  • Bedwetting that heals overnight when we find a story that is usually connected to separation from the father, either that of the mother or the child.
  • Hyperactivity vanishes in a matter of days when we find a story that is often connected to fear of natural miscarriage.
  • A child’s daily migraines, which disappear in several days when we deal with the child’s need to be smart, and of course the same conflict with the mother or father.
  • Addressing the emotional cause of many childhood illnesses such as asthma, migraines, allergies, learning difficulties, social difficulties, etc.

The child does not have to be physically present for the Recall Healing session. The mother or father does the work for the child. It is important to stress that this is not an accusation against the parents, but simply a biological mechanism in action.

What is a Biological Conflict according to Recall Healing?

It is important to understand the difference between a biological conflict according to Recall Healing and a psychological conflict or belief. A biological conflict is a state in which a person (or animal) faces a danger of survival to themselves, their offspring or herd, and must react.

For example, a mental or emotional pattern might look like “My mother left me.”  A  biological conflict is “My mother left me, I won’t have any protection and food and therefore I’ll die.” These two are different. So, a child that had an experience that his mother left him may grow fatter (bigger) to improve its ability to survive and fight by itself.

How Can a Biological Conflict cause Cancer?

The biological conflict goes straight into our survival brain, which must come up with an immediate solution. For instance, a wolf that got separated from its pack is now alone. Each time it manages to hunt something, a bigger wolf appears and takes away the prey. Next time it kills an animal, it would swallow a larger piece of meat without chewing it first. And because its stomach has to digest much more, its brain is sending an order to multiply stomach cells. In fact, the brain is creating a tumor that would increase gastric secretion, a “stomach cancer conflict”.

In humans, the biological conflict can be real, imaginary, or symbolic. The bone can be replaced by an event that is hard to digest, either mentally or emotionally: “I can’t understand how he could’ve betrayed me like that.” The inability to emotionally digest something can set the same internal healing mechanism in motion, just like the stomach cannot digest something physical.

Case study example:

Let us look at a real example of that. The business partner of a certain individual, who also doubles as his best friend, betrayed him by overtaking the company. That betrayal was too big to digest. “I can’t digest what he did to me.” The patient suffered huge stress that lasted for a very long time and involved legal proceedings. The brain had to step in and help because when people are so distressed, they are not sufficiently alert and could easily get hurt. So, the brain suppresses that emotion into the body concerning the meaning of the conflict.

In this case, the difficulty of digesting the experience made the brain react like the wolf, and a stomach tumor was created to help that person digest what has happened. If the patient releases the trauma, the brain can remove the tumor. But if the conflict is not resolved, the person will not be able to forgive and the tumor will keep growing.

Biological Conflicts and their related diseases

Not every business betrayal will end up causing stomach cancer. An event like that can be interpreted by a person in several ways.

For example:
  • “I am so mad at him, I can never forgive him.” This reaction can cause gallbladder stones.
  • “Oh, I couldn’t see that he was lying to me.” This might result in eye glaucoma (where the eyes turn into a magnifying glass).
  • “What he did to me stinks,” which can cause sinusitis (to block the smell).
  • “I don’t have enough money, I can’t support my family.” A reaction that can be translated into liver cancer (the liver will try to produce more food).
  • “My children are in danger” might cause testicular cancer. (The need to increase reproduction and ovarian or breast cancer in women.
  • “My territory was invaded” may culminate in a heart attack. Blood vessels in the heart become enlarged, producing enough blood against an invader, and then are narrowed by cholesterol.
  • “It’s Ok ill start a new better business” – a healthy response 🙂

A person’s belief system will determine what kind of conflict is created, even when the situation is exactly the same.

It is important to note that the examples given here are only for illustration purposes. When it comes to real patients, exact links must be identified for the sickness to be cured. We are not talking about some kind of magic solution that can ascribe a specific belief to every ailment. This is about finding the particular, precise factors and unique situations specific to the individual. These are found in the patient’s life cycles, project purpose, and genetic lineage.

What else can create illness in a specific organ?

Events in a person’s life can create a disease but there are also genetic memories. If the grandfather (of that betrayed businessman) experienced a betrayal before the birth of his grandson – an event too hard to digest – the grandfather might have suffered heartburns. Or maybe even a small, undiagnosed tumor, but eventually regained his health. His brain will remember that this particular body reaction helped to digest the event and will store it as a pattern in his genes. Then, when a similar event occurs to the grandchild, his genes immediately come to life. They say “we already know what to do, it’s worked for grandfather before.” And because of those genes, the brain creates a tumor in the body.

Because human beings have emotions and memories, we can experience conflicts that are no longer relevant to us. The wolf will not be angry with whoever took away its food. It will simply go on with its life. People tend to hold onto emotions, resentment, anger, dark secrets. Those are issues that the body has to somehow resolve when they surface following a particular life event, a certain date, etc. So, it is important to let go of conflicts even when they do not create disease.

Recall Healing for working with Patterns and Behaviors

Apart from bringing awareness to the emotional trauma behind conditions and behaviors, Recall Healing consultation can help in various conditions:

  • Mental patterns: like worries, fears, anxiety, stress, and confusion.
  • Emotional patterns: anger, sadness, oversensitivity, fear, etc.
  • Behaviors: shyness, bad habits, poor time management.
  • Relationships disharmony: in couples, family, and friendships.
  • Self-confidence issues: at school or work; low self-esteem.
  • Lack of motivation: laziness, connecting to a real purpose.
  • Decision making: how to find the best choice.

Eventually, everything originates in the subconscious. Even choosing our life partner or profession is affected by so many factors in our subconscious, our life, choices made by other people from our lineage, the time we spent in our mother’s womb. If we can let go of these factors, we will gain the freedom to choose what is truly right for us.

Combining Recall Healing consultation combined with other kinds of therapy

The biggest advantage Recall Healing has to offer is how it diagnoses the emotional causes of illness and the various connections it makes. When working on letting go and digesting, other kinds of therapy can sometimes be added to release the past and help the patient create a new future. It is possible to use tools from psychology, personal training, alternative medicine, acupuncture, Theta Healing, homeopathy, and more. In the Rebalance clinic, we often combine Recall Healing with Balance Method Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, and Naturopathy.

Gilbert Renaud and the Origins of Recall Healing

The Recall Healing method was developed by Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D. Renaud based his work on the findings of Dr. Hammer. He was a German Oncologist who developed the new German medicine after he, himself became sick with cancer. He studied thousands of cancer patients and their brain imaging results and came up with a trio of illness, biological conflict, and brain – CT scan findings. Also, Dr. Sabbah, a medical doctor who developed The Total Biology method, made a strong impact on Renaud which was his student for some years. Renaud was also inspired by Carl Jung, the Jewish Kabbalah, Chinese medicine, Yoga, and other treatment methods.

Elad Shalev is fortunate to have been learning Recall Healing from Gilbert Renaud for many years. He has been both his student and later an assistant and facilitator in many Recall Healing workshops.

Gilbert Renaud The founder of Recall Healing

Recall Healing Consultations

For Recall Healing Consultation, the process starts with the patient completing a detailed questionnaire about their life events, time in the womb/pregnancy, and genetic lineage. Because the session is conversational, it can also be done through telecommunication applications like Skype. This is especially for those patients wanting a session from abroad.

Recall Healing is about bringing awareness to the subconscious, emotional trauma that lies behind conditions and behaviors. It usually takes only a few sessions to achieve that, and patients do not need to make a long-term commitment like psychology patients often do. An average process of Recall Healing to address a disease or behavior takes about three to six sessions, and every session is approximately 1.5 hours.

Recall Healing is a suitable method to work with the emotional cause of different kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and more. It can also address the emotional cause of backache, headaches, and complex conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. Recall Healing can successfully bring awareness to both mental and emotional problems. It can benefit people who wish to become free of their behavioral patterns, relationship issues, and more.

Active participation

Since Recall Healing consultation requires the patient to actively participate in the process, it might not appeal to everyone. It is important to be open and to find the willingness to touch painful spaces within to bring about healing. That may cause an emotional difficulty, especially in a session, but touching those spaces will later create feelings of healing, relief, and release. The insight gained through treatment is often inspiring, as patients can understand and accept their life events. They see connections between those events and their relationships and life choices. In a session, they often gain the willingness and the inspiration to create a new way in life.

The control of the subconscious is powerful in our life. Recall Healing sheds light on it and can give us a sense of healing and acceptance of life. This is often regarding places that were not necessarily the focus of the therapy: relationships, parenthood, children, traumas, etc.

Recall Healing for many is a life changer! and at very least a tool that enables people to change their perspective on life and their understanding of behaviors and illnesses.

Elad Shalev and Gilbert Renaud


Recall Healing Courses

Gilbert Renaud teaches the Recall Healing method all over the world, and the technique is fast spreading among alternative medicine therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, and people who have chosen a simple, effective way to heal themselves and their family members.

The learning process is divided into different courses, in which many diseases and their underlying conflicts are studied. The Recall Healing course gives students the tools to become a Recall Healing therapist. Or just to combine Recall Healing with other treatment techniques like acupuncture, Theta Healing, homeopathy, psychology, medical psychology, and more.

Recall Healing Consultation in Edmonton and Canada

Gilbert Renaud is based in Canada BC and teaches Recall healing around the world – mostly in Europe. Elad Shalev gives Recall Healing in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Recall Healing consultations can also be given also online via Skype, Zoom, phone or other platforms.

The Rebalance Acupuncture Clinic offers Recall Healing consultation both in the clinic and online:

For Recall Healing in Edmonton clinic: Click here

Online consultation worldwide: Click here

Disclaimer: In Recall Healing we do not encourage to stop or replace any medical protocol, treatment, or advice given by your physician. All of our suggestions are recommended in addition to conventional medicine, and not instead of it.

Have Questions?

After reading this information, you may have some personal questions for Elad Shalev. Your questions will be addressed during the first consultation, otherwise you can email the clinic or fill out the free online questionnaire.
You will receive a personal answer from Elad Shalev as soon as possible.

Preliminary Questionnaire

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About the Author

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev, R. Ac, Registered acupuncturist in Alberta, is the founder of ReBalance. The name ReBalance comes from a combination of Recall Healing and Balance Method Acupuncture.

After practicing and teaching different types of alternative medicine over the last 20 years, Elad Shalev came to focus his work on the most effective methods from his experience. His search after healing methods that provide fast results in curing the symptoms while healing the root cause of the disease, led him to Balance method Acupuncture and Recall Healing.

The Rebalance acupuncture clinic is located in Edmonton, Canada.

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev, R. Ac, Registered acupuncturist in Alberta, is the founder of ReBalance. The name ReBalance comes from a combination of Recall Healing and Balance Method Acupuncture.

After practicing and teaching different types of alternative medicine over the last 20 years, Elad Shalev came to focus his work on the most effective methods from his experience. His search after healing methods that provide fast results in curing the symptoms while healing the root cause of the disease, led him to Balance method Acupuncture and Recall Healing.

The Rebalance acupuncture clinic is located in Edmonton, Canada.

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