Best Healing Strategy

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Successful Approaches to Healing

How Best to Approach Holistic Medicine?

The way to heal is different for each person. Here we summarised the three main approaches. You can also start with one direction and move to another. of course, this will be discussed with your therapist in the first meeting.

Relief & Relax Approach

Reason: If you are in major discomfort and want quick results.
Experience: Significant alleviation of acute pain, inflammation and stress.
Features: Frequent visits, result-oriented, safely reducing medication.
Methods: Balance Method Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Electro-Acupuncture.
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Root Cause Approach

Reason: If you want more profound, multi-level healing.
Experience: Deep transformative healing, identify & treat the root cause.
Features: Less frequent visits, transformation & evolution oriented.
Methods: Recall Healing, Balance Method Acupuncture, TCM Herbs.
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Keep the Balance Approach

Reason: Balancing treatments and Preventative Medicine.
Experience: Well being, Maintenance, fine rebalancing of the body-mind.
Features: infrequent visits, support oriented, anti-ageing.
Methods: A combination, as needed.
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