Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment – Rebalance Acupuncture Edmonton

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids – a condition that affects the anal canal. In most cases the pain is acute and can appear unexpectedly. Hemorrhoids affects an intimate part of the body and can make for an embarrassing topic of conversation, causing discomfort for many. It is important for us to know that natural treatment for haemorrhoids offers solutions to heal this condition. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissure, you may benefit from reading the following article.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids occur when the mucous tissue in the anal canal sags. Big clusters of blood vessels that protrude inside of the anus are called internal hemorrhoids, and those that stick outside of the rectum are called external hemorrhoids. In many cases there is much pain and bleeding during passing stools, and every visit to the toilet is accompanied by a great deal of suffering.

Should I try to heal hemorrhoids the conventional way?

Modern medicine usually treats hemorrhoids with creams and to avoid having surgical procedures in such a sensitive area. In extreme cases, however, the severity of hemorrhoids leads to surgical intervention, and sometimes it takes weeks or more to heal from such a treatment. Natural medicine offers a number of treatment types for hemorrhoids and anal fissure, and the following article will elaborately expand on these so that you have a broader view in choosing your natural way to healing hemorrhoids and fissures.

Do I have hemorrhoids or fissure?

The common hemorrhoid signs are: anal bleeding, pain passing stool, hemorrhoids sagging Hemorrhoids Natural Treatmentoutside of the rectum, itching and secretions. Usually the doctor will diagnose hemorrhoids and fissure by a simple but not always pleasant physical examination.
Anal fissure is another pathology that affects the same area. Anal fissure is a tear, or a wound in the area of the rectum and anus. A wound in that place naturally tends to get infected, and so there is a difficulty for the tissue to heal. The infection creates acute pain in the area and makes passing stools difficult, like hemorrhoids. Some people can have both’ fissure and hemorrhoids.

The treatment for anal fissure and hemorrhoids is similar in natural medicine. In Western medicine, however, aside from prescribing creams, in extreme cases patients often choose surgery, ligation or laser, which might entail slow healing and multiple risks. It is advisable, then, to try a natural treatment that has proven to be very effective and does not involve unnecessary risks.

What may be the physical cause of hemorrhoids?

The physical causes of hemorrhoids and fissure can be associated with any sort of pressure on this area. This can be diarrhea, constipation, tissue irritation due to toilet paper use, poor nutrition, pregnancy and birth, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids in Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine therapy provides in many cases a very effective treatment for hemorrhoids. The natural treatment for hemorrhoids is good for immediate pain relief in cases of acute hemorrhoid pain or, in treating chronic conditions where hemorrhoids come and go. There are a number of methods that provide excellent results in treating hemorrhoids, and it is often recommended to combine two methods or more in order to maximize results.

Hemorrhoids Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is most effective in treating hemorrhoids and anal fissure, and the results are sometimes immediate. It is recommended to go through at least ten acupuncture sessions and continue with maintenance treatments if needed. Balance method Acupuncture is excellent for an immediate relief of hemorrhoids or anal fissure pain, and also for treating chronic hemorrhoid conditions. Sometimes people avoid hemorrhoid acupuncture because of the intimate location, but the concerns can be put to rest as the most effective points for hemorrhoid treatment are not found in the buttocks area. Balance Method Acupuncture is done fully dressed and does not require exposure or puncturing of intimate parts of the body.

Chinese medicine approach to hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid acupuncture is performed after a diagnosis. Chinese medicine diagnosis is done by checking the pulse and tongue, as well as inspecting the various symptoms that might be present. According to Chinese medicine there are several causes for hemorrhoids, and they can be divided into two categories: Qi deficiency factors and Qi stagnation factors. Qi is the term used in

Acupuncture for hemorrhoids

Chinese medicine to refer to “life force energy”, which runs through the meridians (channels) in our bodies. When hemorrhoids result from a lack of Qi energy, they will be accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and weakness. Similarly to the sagging that may occur with internal organs such as the womb and bladder (in a minor prolapse, for instance), vessels may also sag. In such a case, the acupuncturist would aim to strengthen the Qi and blood, and move the Qi upwards. When hemorrhoids result from Qi stagnation – a blockage and flow difficulties – they would be more solid and painful, appearing very purple or red.

In Chinese medicine therapy, we will move blood and relieve pain through acupuncture and medicinal herbs for hemorrhoids. In Traditional Chinese medicine, hemorrhoid treatment is done through acupuncture, and in acute conditions through electroacupuncture in which the needles are connected to an electric current for a faster pain relief. It should be noted that acupuncture does not involve puncturing the hemorrhoids themselves, but rather acupuncture points that treat the hemorrhoids and pain across the body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and cream for hemorrhoids

Other Chinese medicine treatments that may be coupled with acupuncture are medicinal herbs and proper nutrition. It is important to note that medicinal herbs that are administered specifically by a therapist after diagnosing the patient, are far more effective than medicinal herbs that are administered in the pharmacies without due diagnosis. In Chinese medicine there are also creams for hemorrhoids which can be much more effective and safe than using steroid creams. In treating hemorrhoids through acupuncture, it is recommended to have a number of additional maintenance treatments – even after the condition has seemingly healed. The purpose of that is to treat the source of the problem so that is does not return.

A Case Study: Acupuncture Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Thirty-two year old Jessica works in marketing. She came to me following a friend’s recommendation. For three months she has been suffering from hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids creams she has been using help very little and she feels hopeless. The pain makes it hard for her to sit and also to pass stools. The hemorrhoids cause her a great deal of suffering and they sometimes keep her home from work.

The Chinese Medicine diagnosis was of blood and Qi stagnation. In the first treatment she received Balance Method Acupuncture which reduced the pain by about fifty percent. Two days later she came in for another treatment and reported a further relief of pain. She continued to come twice a week for a month, and after eight treatments the pain and the hemorrhoids were gone. Jessica came in for a few more treatments once a week, for a general reinforcement and body balance. Apart from acupuncture, Jessica also received nutrition advice to treat and prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.

Read more about Balance Method Acupuncture

Recall Healing for Hemorrhoids

In Recall Healing we work on identifying and bringing awareness to the subconscious, emotional trauma underlying the hemorrhoids. Recall Healing uses a framework to explore these factors and is done through a guided consultation with the Recall Healing specialist. A single session would last about an hour and a half, and a full course of recall healing (to sufficiently address the condition and bring awareness to the underlying cause) would usually take three to five sessions.

The emotional cause of hemorrhoids

The emotional sources of hemorrhoids can be many. The causes for the disease can be found

The emotional cause of hemorrhoidsin the person’s life during early childhood, as well as in their genetic lineage. One of the biological conflicts that are linked to hemorrhoids has to do with territory and territory marking: in nature, the rectum area is used for territory marking by excrement. This area is also connected to identity – it is the place where “I” sit. From a biological perspective, many animals tend to sniff this area when encountering another animal.

In addition, both hemorrhoids and anal fissure can be linked to relationship and marriage difficulties, since the meaning of the word anus in Greek is “ring.” A person might experience some of the conflicts mentioned here, or others that are linked to hemorrhoids, without actually having the disease. The illness is caused when the conflicts are too difficult or prolonged, and the person does not find a solution.

Recall Healing perspective

The brain subsequently suppresses the conflict into the subconscious and the body, effectively creating a disease. In Recall Healing, we raise what is not conscious into the person’s consciousness, and the person – through conversation – is then able to see conflicts they had not been aware of. During that process, they can resolve a conflict that originates in their past and release the body from the need to hold it.

The relief of hemorrhoid pain is in often immediate during treatment itself. In chronic conditions, where there is already a deeper damage to the body’s balance, it is recommended to combine Recall Healing with acupuncture and nutritional changes where necessary.

Although Recall Healing or hemorrhoids is very effective, it is not for everyone. Recall Healing is for people who are willing to look at and touch into sensitive places in their psyche and to talk openly about their past.

A Case Study: Recall Healing for Hemorrhoids

Forty-eight year old David arrived at the clinic after suffering from hemorrhoids for three months. The family doctor diagnosed two internal hemorrhoids that cause a great deal of pain whilst sitting on the toilet and also during the day. David is being treated with steroid creams and was told by the doctor that he could be referred for surgery, but David is not interested in doing that. David looks tired and fatigued and sits uncomfortably in his chair. He has already filled out the Recall Healing questionnaire.

When looking for the stress that caused the hemorrhoids to appear, we found that for the past year David has had a problem with an apartment he owns and leases out to a tenant. An older woman who lives there is making his life difficult, often complaining and not paying her rent on time. David looks angry when he talks about that, expressing his frustration with that tenant. He is fed up with the situation but also wants to be decent and treat her with respect.

In Recall Healing we often see that when a disease appears, the cause would be found in the cycles of the person’s life and age. At twenty-four, half of David’s current age, he was evicted from an apartment he had rented because the owner wanted to sell it. David experienced that incident as an injustice, and promised himself not to treat other people in such a way. In making the connection between those two separate situations, David was surprised at the coincidence but was able to make sense of it.

Subconscious conflict

According to Recall Healing, one of the conflicts that create hemorrhoids is the lack of ability to mark a territory and deal with people. After the first session there was already a relief. In the next session we investigated further. David could not remember any story or apparent conflict from when he was twelve, but at the age of six his parents finally managed to buy a house, and he and his family moved to a different city. He remembers that relocation as a difficult adjustment period for him. The conflict in his subconscious had been repeating itself throughout his life, appearing in various situations. Unless his awareness had been brought to it, it would have continued to do so.

In Recall Healing, the time referred to as Project Purpose, starts nine months before conception, continues throughout the pregnancy and ends when the child is one year old. During that period, many of our subconscious patterns are being imprinted. After talking to his mother, David realized that during that time his parents lived in a rental house and struggled to pay the rent. His mother claims she hated that house and the fact that it did not belong to her. Again, David was surprised at the connection but was honest enough to admit that sometimes he tries to treat his tenant leniently because she reminds him of his mother.

As a result of consciously realizing those connections during our sessions, David began to relax. After a total of five Recall Healing sessions David could hardly feel the hemorrhoids anymore. He now maintains good nutrition, and the relationship with his tenant has also improved.

Read more about Recall Healing

Reflexology as a natural treatment for Hemorrhoids

Reflexology treatment for hemorrhoids may produce good results as working on the feet improves blood flow in the pelvis area. In reflexology we can also address other areas that affect hemorrhoids, like the digestive system, the liver and other organs. While being relatively pleasant, the effect of reflexology is not always as effective as acupuncture or Recall Healing. It is therefore recommended to combine reflexology with one of those two methods.

Naturopathy and Nutrition as a natural treatment for Hemorrhoids

Naturopathy and nutrition can be most effective in treating hemorrhoids. Many patients report that nutrition has both a positive and a negative effect on hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are diseased blood vessels in the colon – a condition that is directly linked to nutrition and digestion. When hemorrhoids appear, constipation must be avoided as it aggravates the pressure in the colon. This  subsequently worsens the condition of the hemorrhoids, often causing more bleeding. If the patient suffers from constipation, we first need to treat the constipation and only then can we tend to the hemorrhoids. In such cases, it is advisable to combine hemorrhoid nutritional treatment with acupuncture or Recall Healing. Even though the nutritional treatment makes for a slower improvement, the results are maintained for longer. Thus, the nutritional treatment is very significant when treating chronic hemorrhoids that come and go, or constipation that creates hemorrhoids.

Tips and Recommendations for hemorrhoids

Prevent constipation- Constipation puts unnecessary pressure on the hemorrhoids and might create new hemorrhoids. This can be addressed through diet, exercise, Recall Healing and acupuncture.
Use creams- There are some medicinal creams that can be prescribed by a doctor. Other creams, including those concocted according to Chinese medicine principles, are reported as very effective. Creams have two functions: one is to get healing substances into the body and to apply natural anti inflammatory medicine to the affected area. The other is to lubricate the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of excrement.

Maintain hygiene habits- Instead of toilet paper, it is better to wipe the buttocks with a water stream (preferably hot), or with soft, wet wipes.
Do not hold off treatment- Come in for treatment immediately upon detecting the hemorrhoids, or as close as possible to the time of their first appearance. The “newer” the hemorrhoids are, the faster they can be healed.

Conclusion: Treating Hemorrhoids with Alternative Medicine

Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

It is important to note that treating hemorrhoids through alternative medicine means treating the source of those hemorrhoids. It’s not just to alleviate the pain, but also to find the underlying imbalance in the body and to treat that.

Surgical procedures or laser treatments generally don’t address the problem that created the hemorrhoids.  If the root cause of the hemorrhoids is not addressed, the existing conflict or imbalance in the body may reappear. This may manifest later through a different physical illness. When hemorrhoids are treated through alternative medicine, other seemingly unrelated conditions often can be resolved in the process. This can be conditions like constipation, fatigue, tension, sleeping problems, skin conditions and more.

There is no need to suffer. Sometimes we come across people who have grown accustomed to living with hemorrhoids, painkillers, creams; with surgeries that only cause long-term damage to the body. The longer the condition lasts, the more it remains in the body. So it is best to treat the problem sooner rather than later, preferably through natural methods that have proven successful for so many patients.

Have Questions?

After reading this information, you may have some personal questions for Elad Shalev. Your questions will be addressed during the first consultation, otherwise you can email the clinic or fill out the free online questionnaire.
You will receive a personal answer from Elad Shalev as soon as possible.

Preliminary Questionnaire

Tell us about your condition, so we can give you an assesment

About the Author

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev, R. Ac, Registered acupuncturist in Alberta, is the founder of ReBalance. The name ReBalance comes from a combination of Recall Healing and Balance Method Acupuncture.

After practicing and teaching different types of alternative medicine over the last 20 years, Elad Shalev came to focus his work on the most effective methods from his experience. His search after healing methods that provide fast results in curing the symptoms while healing the root cause of the disease, led him to Balance method Acupuncture and Recall Healing.

The Rebalance acupuncture clinic is located in Edmonton, Canada.

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev

Elad Shalev, R. Ac, Registered acupuncturist in Alberta, is the founder of ReBalance. The name ReBalance comes from a combination of Recall Healing and Balance Method Acupuncture.

After practicing and teaching different types of alternative medicine over the last 20 years, Elad Shalev came to focus his work on the most effective methods from his experience. His search after healing methods that provide fast results in curing the symptoms while healing the root cause of the disease, led him to Balance method Acupuncture and Recall Healing.

The Rebalance acupuncture clinic is located in Edmonton, Canada.

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